Frequently Asked Questions

Does Social ShapeUp work with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?

Both PBIS and SSU stress the importance of expectations and delivering consequences based on behavioral performance related to those expectations. Not only is SSU compatible with a PBIS framework, SSU also aims to specify the components of PBIS that may be interpreted as vague or difficult to implement. Thus, SSU actually enhances a PBIS framework.

Does Social ShapeUp support Response-to-Intervention (RtI)?

SSU’s innovative web app allows teachers to record behavioral data in real time, monitor behavioral progress, and generate reports, supporting data-driven frameworks. Teachers and school leadership can easily access and analyze behavioral data from the web app to identify students who are doing well and those who need additional supports. For students receiving additional supports, SSU facilitates progress monitoring so teachers and schools can determine whether student behavior is responsive to intervention.

What training is provided for implementation of Social ShapeUp?

You will receive training on how to implement SSU, how to use SSU with your school PBIS plan and/or RtI, and how to navigate the SSU web app. Depending on your skill level, training time may range from 3 to 8 hours. For school-wide use, training is provided on-site at your school . Individual teachers may be trained in Baton Rouge or via video conferencing.

Are mobile devices provided with the program for use with the web app?

No. TRI provides materials, training, and support for SSU implementation but does not provide technology devices. Schools and teachers must secure their own smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers to access the web app.

I do not have a mobile device and/or I do not want to use technology. Can I still purchase Social ShapeUp? Will it still work?

SSU users have the option to use paper trackers to monitor student behavior. Mobile devices are recommended because they make tracking and analyzing behavioral data more efficient and support a Response-to-Intervention (RtI) framework. However, technology is not required for SSU to be successful.

Does Social ShapeUp differ for elementary, middle, and high schools ?

Teaching Research Institute will partner with your school to customize SSU to fit your students’ needs. Although the program components do not change, the implementation of the components will be adapted to the developmental level of your students. Specifically, the positive and negative consequences as well as the student behavior tracking card can be adjusted based on the grade level of students.