Founder | CEO

Lynn Singletary founded TRI in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 2008 with the goal of helping educators bring out the best in their students. She earned her Ph.D. in School Psychology and a B.A. and MA in Education. She has experience as a classroom teacher, school psychologist, behavior consultant, program developer, and program evaluator. This combination of education and professional training has impacted the way she works with school leaders and classroom teachers. Lynn applies behavioral science to make schools positive places for students and educators. She works closely with schools to improve social behavior, increase academic learning time, and promote student success. Her research interests include teacher effectiveness, intervention strategies, and the development of feedback systems that promote positive school climate and student achievement.



Joe Segal joined TRI in 2010 after completing his B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Applied Mathematics. His focus has been on developing data collection and analysis platforms for the education and healthcare industries. Partnered with TRI he has developed academic and behavioral evaluation tools that are currently in use by teachers, students, and district administrators across Louisiana. In 2014 he cofounded RxData, a global pharmaceutical data start-up based in New York City, but remains involved in developing the analytics capabilities of TRI products.



Michelle began working with TRI in 2010, assisting with grant writing, policy, and strategic planning. Michelle earned her B.A. in Social Work, M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University, and her Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas. Michelle has worked as a child advocate in the non-profit fields as well as in government agencies. In 2012, Michelle opened her own law firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and continues to assist TRI in development and general policy. In her current law practice, Michelle remains focused on working toward the best interest of children.



Ashley Daigle joined TRI in 2014 as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from LSU. After working in the corporate marketing field for several years, she started her freelance design career in 2011 to expand her creativity and passion for visual communications. She specializes in layout design, branding, and marketing.



Tri-Core Technologies is an Information Technology consulting and development firm whose primary mission is to provide robust, efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions.  They pride themselves on being a company focused on excellence in every aspect of their business operations.  Their team has one goal: to build lasting relationships with their clients by providing a high level of expertise, industry-leading service and support, and being an active partner in their endeavors.


Teaching Research Institute (TRI) is an educational consulting and technology firm whose mission is to help educators prevent and respond to teaching and learning challenges. Founded by a former educator and expert in effective teaching behaviors and intervention integrity, TRI utilizes behavior-based strategies that enable educators to increase positive outcomes in student’s social and academic behaviors. TRI was awarded two prestigious Small Business Innovation Research grants (Phase I and II) from the Federal Department of Education to develop a behavior tracking and data reporting system to accompany the previously created Social ShapeUp program. The Federal Department of Education made research and development possible, with funding provided by the Institute of Education Sciences’ SBIR program.


TRI exists to help educators prevent and respond to teaching and learning challenges.


Good Behavior Means Great Progress