Off task behavior results in a loss of instructional time and

negatively impacts your school budget.

SSU research has shown that 90% on task behavior is an acceptable, achievable goal. As on task time drops below 90%, schools start to waste

money on lost instructional time. For example, a midsize school of 400 students averaging about 70% on task can lose nearly $1M worth of

instructional time.

$4,280,000 Annual Budget Money well spent!
$428,000 loss
$856,000 loss

Figures shown above are based on an annual budget
of $ 10,700 per student

Our research indicates that when teachers used SSU with adequate integrity there were noticeable positive

changes in school climate and academic outcomes.

22% Increase

in student on task behaivior.


in rule violations.

60 Minutes

of daily teaching time.

Better behavior for more learning.

In just one year of SSU implementation, a middle school in Louisiana improved their school performance score by 10 points. *Scores are based on

student achievement on state standardized tests.