Why Social ShapeUp?

School discipline begins in the classroom. Each school year, valuable teaching time is lost due to classroom disruptions and the use of ineffective and inefficient classroom management tools. Teachers become stressed and frustrated because they want a positive classroom environment that encourages student success. Unfortunately, many of today’s teacher education programs fail to provide sufficient, explicit training in evidence-based classroom management strategies. The traditional methods of behavior management, such as pencil and paper conduct sheets, turn-a-card charts, name on the board, and traffic light charts, are the problem because these tools are used to manage students’ misbehavior. They fail to shape appropriate behavior. Teachers need a classroom management solution that is efficient, fair for all students, compatible with Positive Behavior Support and a Response to Intervention framework. 

What is Social ShapeUp?

Social ShapeUp (SSU) is a universal, classroom-based behavior management program designed for schools and teachers of grades K-12. SSU’s systematic combination of evidence-based strategies prevents disruptive behavior, shapes socially appropriate behavior, and increases instructional time. SSU is comprehensive and innovative, integrating proven behavior strategies with the efficiency of technology. With SSU’s software, data collection and analysis is quick and easy for teachers and school administrators. Best of all, research shows SSU is effective, and teachers and administrators approve. SSU was initially developed as an intervention for students engaging in frequent aggressive and challenging behaviors, but educators soon recognized the preventative benefits of SSU for all students. With funding from the Small Business Innovation Research Program at the Institute of Education Sciences, SSU was tested as a Tier 1 classroom management program, and a web application was developed to facilitate data collection and reporting. Preliminary data showed that when teachers used SSU, off task behavior decreased and instructional time increased significantly. Additionally, a study conducted with middle school students showed an increase in student achievement on state tests and gains in their School Performance Score.

Social ShapeUp Software

We reinvented and standardized the practice of classroom management. 

SSU’s software saves teachers’ time and supports data-driven frameworks by making data collection and analysis efficient. Here’s how it works. Teachers record student behavior in real time using any internet friendly device such as an iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop. At any time, teachers can quickly access their classroom data and produce reports to analyze their students’ behavioral performance and growth.

SSU’s reports of behavioral data are useful for parents, teachers, school support staff and administration, and even community providers, such as doctors and psychologists. Teachers can effortlessly generate a report to bring to a meeting or send home to parents.

With SSU, it’s easy for teachers to identify students who are ready to learn advanced prosocial skills and those who need additional behavioral supports, and when an intervention is in place, teachers can take advantage of the SSU web app for progress monitoring.